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CMH Label Group is home to over a dozen label imprints spanning 40 years of musical history and over 12,000 master recordings across multiple genres. Recordings from CMH imprints have been utilized in campaigns and film and television programming by:




Catalog highlights include:

Vitamin String Quartet
It all started with a curious idea: What if a string section performed Led Zeppelin’s greatest hits? Sixteen years and countless recordings later, that simple formula has become the blueprint for Vitamin String Quartet, widely regarded as THE source for innovative string renditions of popular music. Vitamin String Quartet also has a large number of original recordings and compositions for which 100% of both sides are available.

CMH Legacy Recordings
Since its launch in 1975, CMH Records has created a deep catalog by releasing albums from artists with monumental influence on American roots music. The ‘70s and ‘80s featured some of the best recordings in bluegrass history, including material by Merle Travis, Mac Wiseman, Lester Flatt, and The Osborne Brothers. Throughout the ‘90s and into the new millennium, CMH Records continued to cut records with Wanda Jackson (a.k.a. “The Queen of Rockabilly”), Raul Malo, Jimmy Gaudreau, and many, many others.

Pickin’ On Series
Born out of a deep love of rock music and admiration for the virtuosity of bluegrass musicians, the Pickin’ On Series features the best bluegrass musicians performing instrumental tributes to the biggest and best-loved of pop and rock music. With thousands of tribute recordings covering a wide array of material ranging from Taylor Swift to The Shins to Metallica, the series strives to captivate traditional bluegrass fans and popular music fans alike. Pickin’ On also has a large number of original recordings and compositions for which 100% of both sides are available.

Rockabye Baby!
Rockabye Baby makes rock music baby-friendly and kids music adult-friendly. Our award-winning rock lullaby series consists of more than 60 albums to date, including lullaby renditions of Bob Marley, U2, The Beatles, Coldplay, and Muse.

CMH Label Group
CMH Label Group is home to many unique musical offerings, from the heavy metal of Dwell and the rap and punk of Crosscheck and OCD to Hushabye Baby’s lullaby renditions of country favorites. The Secret Life of Records has made indie rock waves with releases from Violent Femmes and members of Black Flag, while Vitamin Records offers up a wide array of one-of-a-kind covers of popular music, ranging all the way from piano, jazz and lounge to dub, drum n bass and even klezmer.